Reference Wiki Now At 250 Articles

The Unified Republic of Stars reference wiki has officially reached two-hundred and fifty articles.

That’s kind of a big deal. When this project was launched, a goal was to have the one hundred articles written. One hundred got turned into the one hundred most linked to, which turned out to be a whole other thing. But there were more or less one-hundred and fifty articles when it launched. And there’ve been over a hundred since.

Granted, the stories have been coming out slower than planned but that will hopefully change in the near future.

In the meantime, anyone looking for a story world in which to set their science-fiction story should start taking a look around. Looking for cutting edge technology? Got it. Need a lot of worlds for your story to bounce around to? Done. What about a washed up old boxer to use as a secondary character? Len “Dutch Klein is there to serve.*

While the Unified Republic of Stars has a lot that’s there, it could always use more. That’s why the URS needs you.

Interested in helping flush out a particular area? Know anything about economics and want to correct some assumptions made here? The Unified Republic of Stars can only be a complete world in which to set stories, games, and more in if people contribute. Make up a city or town or use one already named but not yet defined. Describe how it works and what life is like in it. And, if you’re really inspired, write a story set in it and send it to us for publication on the site.

Any area in real life can be adapted to the Unified Republic of Stars. We just need a few good people to help do it.

Curious about what the Unified Republic of Stars is? Head on over to find out more about the collaborative science-fiction story world.

*A sports character in a science-fiction story? Why not? Hey, you don’t think people stopped sports the second FTL was invented, do you?