Reference Pages Now Editable

Starting this weekend, the Unified Republic of Stars has had an upgrade so that registered users of the site can now edit the reference material on the wiki or even add new pages. Also, the copyright on the site has been changed to the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license so that all additions to the site and its story now belong to the community. All stories published on this site will be published under the same license.

This was done so that all world history, stories, and characters can be freely reused by anyone who’d like to contribute. Creators who are inspired by anything they see are encouraged to take it, and tell a new story with it.

And with the reference wiki now editable, feel free to edit any mistakes you find on any of the pages or, if you’re feeling really inspired, to add new sections or pages that might provide inspiration to others.

As always, we’re looking for contributors in all areas, be it to the history of the world, new stories, or even artwork if you’re really inspired.