Welcome to the Unified Republic of Stars

Today, we’re pleased to release our first three stories set in the story world of the Unified Republic of Stars.

The URS is a complete story world, branching from our own and continuing several hundred years into the future where space ships exist, humans have colonized other worlds, and Earth struggles to maintain control of what humanity does.

The Unified Republic of Stars is the government body that controls the Republican Star Cluster. It was formed in 2173 by the Second Independent Congress on Galileo to unite the fourteen formerly colonial worlds in a common defense against the Universal United Human Authority on Earth....

We’ll be publishing at least one piece of fiction a week and offer a continually updated reference section that dictates the background for everything posted here. But the URS isn’t just for readers.

It’s a new type of collaborative storytelling project. For authors, it’s one where the URS exists as background to what your characters are doing, neither beginning nor ending with your stories but keeping on over hundreds of years and providing a continuing setting with evolving conflicts, characters, an enemies. Pick a year and our detailed reference guide can help you discover exactly what’s happening to help give your stories depth.

We hope you might be as excited about it as we are and will come back at least every Monday for a brand new story set in the Republican Star Cluster. Or, better yet, you’ll submit one and have it featured here for others to read.

Want to know more? See our About page for more information on what the Unified Republic of Stars is and might be.