Reference: Bradley Warner

Bradley Warner was a hero of the Unified Republic of Stars, winning acclaim for his actions in both the First and Second Republican Defensives as well as the Battle for the Republic under the leadership of his brother, famed NOVA master Stewart Todd 'Dutch' Warner. He later became Admiral of the Second Fleet before retiring to a quiet life in the Galilean town of Rushing Bend where he became an author of some some note. He died in 2234, having lived through the end of the colonial period and the formation of the Republic.

Podcast: 3.2 – Drinking: A Question of Morality, Part II

The New Age of Morality Act is now law. But people are still doing everything they had been just a lot more were now in jail. How well do you think the people of the Republic are going to react to this?

November 6, 2015

Blog: Nine Fox Gambit

Are you a fan of sci-fi that never bothers to explain anything, dark settings that make Warhammer: 40K seem cheery, a culture that overvalues the metaphorical creatures they’ve chosen to represent themselves with, and a main character that you really couldn’t care about? Then I have a book for you!

September 13, 2016