Reference: Harry Ledwick

Harrison 'Harry' Fernando Ledwick was twenty-first President of the Unified Republic of Stars, serving two terms between the years 2341 and 2351. Though he was relatively popular during the course of his terms, he has been mostly forgotten except for the fact that it was his administration that finally helped to bring peace between the UUHA Earth government and the URS.

News: Podcast On Temporary Hold

Where is the podcast? Well… there have been a few personal issues that have been slowing things down. But it’s not dead, far from it. Read more to find out some of what’s going to come.

March 13, 2015

Blog: FAA Offers Private Property In Space Solution

Private property, as it stands now thanks to an almost 50 year old treaty, is impossible. But people are thinking of ways around it. Is this good or should we just scrap the treaty?

February 3, 2015