Reference: In Gyu Lee

In Gyu Lee was the 20th President of the Republic, and his administration oversaw both the Constitutional Crisis of 2329-2338 and the Invasion of 2338. He was controversial to almost everyone within the Unified Republic of Stars with the conservatives considering him too strong and the libertarians considering him too weak. Following the conclusion of the Invasion of 2338, he was tossed out of office in 2341.

Podcast: 2.12 – The Island Group vs. Emre’s Paradise

In which the people who had settled and island on Athena basically tell a real estate consortium that they’re not moving. Another thrilling adventure in the colonization period of the story world.

July 25, 2015

Blog: Just Trust Us, We’re the Government

There’s been a lot of talk about tying cops’ hands behind their back unless a backdoor into your phone is built in. But are they really that restricted?

August 12, 2015