Podcast On Temporary Hold

I apologize to those of you who have been waiting eagerly for the next installment of the URS podcast. I have hit some temporary real life roadblocks that have prevented me from continuing to work on it.

Firstly, my girlfriend and I recently ended our four year plus relationship. She has literally been around as long as I’ve been working on the URS project and had, for a long time, been a major source of encouragement and support. So… with the ending of our relationship, it’s naturally been difficult to work up the will to put together something as complex as the podcast. Then, of course, there are also the logistics of actually ending things. These days, a long term relationship is not unlike a marriage and there are things that need to be split, sorted, and yes, haggled over.

Fortunately, as far as these things go, this has actually been a relatively easy process, mostly because she refused to let us become that couple that can’t stand the sight of one another. She and I may no longer be dating but I can foresee a long continuing friendship.

Secondly, my grandmother died. As I write this, I’m actually winging my way across the country to attend her service. Internet on a plane, it’s an amazing age in which we live.

But my grandmother ha still died.

Technically, she was my step father’s mother. But, given that I have a brother and sister via that marriage and have known her since I was in third grade, she always felt very much like my own. In fact, scratch this entire line of thinking.

In the era of the “modern family”, people come together, sometimes for long periods and sometimes for short ones, always in the name of family but some mean it more than others. Having had another set of grandparents that came along with one of my father’s marriages who were nasty people to the grandchildren that weren’t theirs, I know that the role of grandparent isn’t automatically imbued with some angelic quality.

But my Grandma Pat was a special person. She always treated me and my siblings as her grandchildren because that’s how she honestly saw us. And every school function or holiday or event to which she was invited and to which she could attend, she would be there, to support us.

So her loss means quite a bit to me.

But, for those of you interested in when the podcast is coming and where it will be going, let me tell you this, I have one recorded, I just need to finish editing it. I also already have it’s followup written, it too just needs to be recorded and edited.

I’ve also commissioned some amazing new music from a great composer named Darren Solomon to really ramp up the emotional intensity of the stories being told. I really can’t wait for you to hear it.

Now, as far as what’s left for Season Two, here’s the basic outline of what’s to come:

– 2.3 Rivalries: Sims/MacGregor
– 2.4 Rivalries: Dutch/Bradley Warner
– 2.5 Towns & Communities
– 2.6 Rivalries: Meditation/Tranquility
– 2.7 Transportation
– 2.8 Religion
– 2.9 The Active Church of the Cosmic Angel

And, then after we’re through all of this, and assuming I don’t think of any more topics at the last minute, we’re then on to A History of the Age of War, the second age of the story world.

So… yes, the podcast is on temporary hold right now, for at least another week. And I apologize for the delay. But, as you can see, it is pretty far from dead and I’m excited to get back to it.