And… The Podcast Is Back!

I apologize for notifying everyone so late about the podcast taking a break but… fortunately, for those people who maybe only just noticed, the break was mercifully short. Because, as of right now, the podcast is actually back. There’s a brand new episode waiting for you on your feed. Update your podcast app or whatever you use to download the new ep.

If you want to know what happened, feel free to listen to the apology episode where I attempt to explain why I just couldn’t get a cast out for over two months.

But, yeah. Now you finally have 2.3 – Admiral Sims vs. MacGregor. With amazing score music by composer Darren Solomon. So what’s next for the podcast?

Well.. here’ what I have for what’s left of season two:

2.4 – Rivalries: Dutch vs. Bradley Warner
We’ll be discussing the major differences between the brothers, both of which went on to great fame and great acclaim within the Republican Fleet.

2.5 – Towns & Communities
A kind of “virtual tour” of various towns, cities, and communities around the Republican Star Cluster that have gone mostly unmentioned at this point.

2.6 – Rivalries: Meditation vs. Tranquility
In the colonial period, there were a lot of communities established with explicit aims. Some of them were noble. Some were not. But, regardless, not all survived. Like these two.

2.7 – Transportation
If you lived on a given world, how would you get to the next farm, the next town, the next hemisphere, or the next planet? In this episode, we’ll discuss all the ways people could get around.

2.8 – Religion
Religion plays a major part in a lot of people’s lives. But what does religion look like out in the colonies? Does being on a totally different world affect people’s view on religion?

2.9 – Money
Money, as we all know, makes the world go ’round. So, if you were an early settler, how would you conduct an exchange for goods and services? And how and why would this change over time. I’ll attempt to tell the story through the eyes of a regular person, just trying to keep his family fed.

And there could be one or two more. But this is how the current season is shaping up. I’m looking forward to getting back on the weekly schedule.

If you have questions, comments, whatever, feel free to drop a line at Or, find me on Twitter @republicofstars. And, of course, there’s our Facebook page that I’d love for you to like.