Chapter Three Added To Wattpad

This just in, Chapter Three of Soldier of the Republic has been added to Wattpad. The adventures of Meifen Rassmussen continue!

Chapter Three picks up where Chapter Two left off, New Chicago on the former colonial world of Galileo under threat of invasion after a large force of Earth soldiers landed on the outskirts. Now, Meifen and her best friend Kristen have to decide how they’ll take part in the resistance. Will it be for fun and profit, like Kristen wants, or will it be cold and deadly, the way Meifen is?

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We’re continuing our experiment of posting this story on Wattpad in order to expose the Unified Republic of Stars storyworld to new people who might not otherwise find it. Wattpad is a community of writers and, more importantly, readers looking for original works that encourages interaction between authors and readers.

It’s a neat site and one we’re happy to contribute to. As always, the story is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, meaning anyone may use the story or the world its in to create their own work so long as proper attribution is given and it’s used in a non-commercial manner. We believe this is the best way to encourage participation in the Unified Republic of Stars storyworld and hope that readers from Wattpad find the information here interesting and exciting.

If you write a story set in the storyworld and post it on Wattpad, let us know! Or, if you’d like to see it posted on the URS website itself, use our contribution form and we’ll be happy to post it with the other stories here.

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