A New Podcast Page

In case you haven’t seen it already, do check out our new Podcast media page.

It’s now the beating heart of the weekly show, providing a way to listen to each episode from one place with the HTML5 MediaElements.js player. So it works not just in your browser but on your phones as well!

The page is in a little bit of a rough shape right now, I’ll admit. The design isn’t exactly perfect. But it will get refined over time. And, in the near future, I’ll be adding the podcasts not just to the homepage, so that you can always listen to the latest just by coming straight here, but also figuring out a way to embed the player into the relevant reference section page.

Just imagine it, you’re reading Chapter Three of a Short History of the Unified Republic of Stars and, right there, you can listen to it. And any supplementals that might go along with it.

This is all about engagement, of course. The more people who become involved with the world, the better it will become.

And, to that end, I’ve already had over a hundred people listen to the weekly show. With almost sixty subscriptions! A hundred may not sound like a lot but that’s one hundred people who took twenty minutes out of their day sometime in the last month to hear me talk about the URS. I’m so honored, I don’t even have the words.

So, let me just take a moment right here to say thank you to everyone who’s downloaded this little podcast. But I also want to remind everyone to tell others that you think could be interested. And rate us! A lot of people determine what casts to listen to by positive ratings. So stop by Stitcher or iTunes and leave a quick note about your thoughts on the show.

And, of course, participation within the story world is the ultimate goal. You’re always welcome to write a story, create some world inspired art, or adopt a subject within the reference section to detail out a topic that interests you.