Now With Better Baseball

Rather than talk about the concept of the world and all that blah blah blah… I thought I’d update with some site news! No big concepts today.

Some may have noticed that some pages look like exports of Microsoft Excel. That’s for good reason. They are exports of Excel. In creating the world, I amassed a giant Excel file with dozens of sheets containing more information than anyone would possibly want to know. For example, I can tell you how much money a given planetary government brought in in taxes for about a hundred years.

Yeah. It’s that kind of crazy.

But one of the things that’s also in there is the list of Republican Series winners for about seventy-five years.

The old version on the site was just an HTML export of the sheet and, frankly, it kinda looked like crap. Also, there was no way to reuse the information on any other page, a bummer when you’ve got the data set we have at the Unified Republic of Stars. Take the Travel Times special page that gives people an idea of the time it takes to travel between Earth and the Republican Worlds and inside the Republic itself. Cool data, very useful, and because of the way it was written, it can also be embedded into other pages, like the planet pages themselves so as to show where in the Republic it is in regards to the other planets.

What I wanted was something similar to that but for the winners of the Republican Series. So… now we have it.

I’m slowly going through the site and updating all baseball references with the widget I wrote to show the team’s appearances in the Series to give a handy little guide as to how well they play the game.

The only downside, tragically, is that it’s kind of screwed up the listing of the most linked to pages within the wiki. This is because of the way MediaWiki counts a “link” to a page. For instance, you’ll notice that members of the list of Presidents of the Republic are pretty high on the most linked to pages. This isn’t because so many pages are actually linking to the various presidents but, rather, because each president page links to a president’s sidebar and those each count as links.

Likewise, the use of the new Republican Series winners widget will also count as a link for the purposes of this statistic. And this, unfortunately, means that this statistic has become significantly less useful.

I promise, when this baby was launched, the top one hundred linked to pages were all done. Hell, even the first one-fifty maybe. But, as new ways of linking and cross referencing data is introduced, these statistics have changed and skew more toward what the widgets link to than what the actual articles themselves do.

Which is not to say that I won’t be working hard on flushing out the cities that are missing and all of the baseball teams in the Republic. There’s just a ton of them.

Which leaves plenty of room for you to help build out the world of the Unified Republic of Stars. Have an idea for a baseball team with a unique ballpark or fan base? Register and go ahead and create the page. This site is open to everyone who wants to contribute. And the more people who do so, the bigger, better, and more diverse the world will become.

I’m always trying to improve things. And I hope you’re digging on the improvements.