Do you have artwork based on what you think people, places, or things in the United Republic of Stars look like? Upload them here and you can see them on the related pages on both the reference wiki and alongside any stories where it may apply.

We’re looking forward to seeing what others think the URS looks like. Don’t be afraid. Sketch something up. Submit it. Let the world see what you can do.

A caveat or two:

  • URS reserves the right to crop, manipulate, etc.┬áSometimes, a piece of art might be perfect but for the given context in which it will be used, it will have to be resized, cropped, etc. It will be done with a maximum of respect for your work, rest assured. And it will not be used outside the context of the magazine or wiki without your express permission.
  • Your art will be posted both on the magazine and wiki. If you submit a piece of artwork and it’s approved, it will be posted both in the magazine and with the appropriate articles in the wiki. You are, in effect, granting URS the license to do so under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License.