These are stories set using the Unified Republic of Stars as its primary setting.

Iowa State Police

Dutch Warner has a problem. The skipper’s been pinched by the state police. Warner needs to break him out. But how to get the officers transporting him to let him off the bus?

By Colin Andrew Ferm February 21, 2011
Liz Carter

Liz is tired of running the girls at The Welshman & The Wop and just wants to get out on her own. But will her former partners let her?

By Colin Andrew Ferm February 7, 2011 Tags: ,
Drug Enforcement

While still illegal on Earth, and technically in the colonies as well, the DEA agents assigned to Shaanxi discover that drug enforcement might be more a process of small draws than big busts. Especially if they want to go on breathing.

By Colin Andrew Ferm January 31, 2011 Tags: ,

Tormented by a fellow crew member, the Trout’s “kid” reaches the point where he must defend himself or risk being tossed off the ship for being useless to the skipper.

By Colin Andrew Ferm January 24, 2011

In 2116, two travelers on Columbus short of food stumble into a town afflicted by a strange plague that eats the skin from people’s faces. When one of them begins to show signs of being affected, with the other find the cure in time to save her friend?

By Colin Andrew Ferm January 17, 2011 Tags: ,