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Technology powers almost everything we do. From the cave man who discovered flint to the latest spacecraft being sent to outer space. The future of humanity is technology.

Blog: Curiosity Memory Issue, Possibly Caused By Cosmic Rays

The computer of the Curiosity rover encountered a memory corruption problem possibly caused by cosmic rays. It got us thinking about computers within the URS storyworld and the effects therein.

Blog: How The Timeline Was Integrated

I just added the new timeline feature to the Unified Republic of Stars. Today, I discuss how it was actually built on the MediaWiki system for display on any page on the site without having to modify any of the base code. Beware if you’re not a programmer.

News: New Dynamic Timeline

We’ve added a new visual timeline widget to the Unified Republic of Stars. Using a new Javascript widget, it’s now interactive and easier to understand. Read on to find out more.

Blog: A Lunar Supercomputer?

A USC graduate student has made a proposal to place a super computer on the moon to handle data processing and communications with our probes around the solar system. But is putting it on the moon really the best option?

Blog: Totally Predictable

A police department in Texas is now thinking about arming its Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or, drones, with tear gas and rubber bullets. What could possibly go wrong?