The Unified Republic of Stars is a storyworld, a large complex place in which many stories can be told sharing a common background setting and history. We try to deal with the ramifications of working in a storyworld so big.

2.2 – The Republican Fleet

This week, we go into detail about exactly what the Republican Fleet is, what made it up, and some of the cultural aspects of serving within the Fleet itself.

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Blog: The 100

It’s a show about teenagers ejected off a space station to see if Earth is again habitable 97 years after a nuclear war. But, despite that premise and being on the CW… it’s actually really worth watching.

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Supplemental – Economics

A quick mid-week supplemental in which we discuss a character that has barely been touched on but which is a hugely important character driving much of the action: Economics!

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Supplemental – Maybe The Best Era

A short supplemental on why I believe that the colonization era we’ve been discussing for the last several episodes is probably my favorite era to tell stories set within the world.

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Supplemental – Cheap Energy

A short supplemental episode in which the ion-plasma engine is discussed in more detail, what it is, how it was invented, and how it’s used within the world.

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