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The Unified Republic of Stars is a storyworld, a large complex place in which many stories can be told sharing a common background setting and history. We try to deal with the ramifications of working in a storyworld so big.

Blog: Veronica Mars / Serenity Faceoff

Two cancelled shows. Two movie revivals. Who did is right and who is going to that special hell, reserved for creators who ruin their storyworlds and people who talk in the theater.

Blog: Traveling To Mars, Radiation, and the Storyworld

A pair of stories written recently detail the problems of traveling to Mars. Radiation came up in each and it’s something we’ve tried to deal with in the URS storyworld.

News: Make Any Story Sci-Fi Project Announced

Already written a story but want to take it to a science-fiction setting? Our new Make Any Story Sci-Fi Project will demonstrate exactly how to integrate URS storyworld elements into what you’ve done to do just that.

News: Reference Section Now With 350 Articles!

The reference section now stands at 350 articles, covering a range of topics that help color the URS storyworld. This and other improvements help the site keep growing.

Blog: Ski Areas: The Perfect Example of a Libertarian Society?

When skiing, I noticed the behaviors and social interactions among perfect strangers who stood to benefit nothing from acting in a kind and responsible manner with each other and had to ask, “Is this what minimal government could look like?”