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At it’s core, the Unified Republic of Stars is still a storytelling site. And many things inspire the stories we tell, from technological advancements to recent scientific discoveries. There are posts that deal with the art of storytelling or have ideas that could be used by storytellers.

1.0 – An Introduction

It’s finally happened. We’ve launched our podcast. Tune in to listen to a weekly discussion about the events and people that thrive in the story world.

Blog: Veronica Mars / Serenity Faceoff

Two cancelled shows. Two movie revivals. Who did is right and who is going to that special hell, reserved for creators who ruin their storyworlds and people who talk in the theater.

Blog: Why Rudolph The Reindeer Is An Ass

He may seem cuddly and his story may tug at the heart strings but underneath it, there’s a darker message, believe me.

Blog: The Orphan Master’s Son

I’ll give it away right now. The Orphan Master’s Son deserves the Pulitzer it earned because it’s one of the most entertaining, funny, dark, and depressing books I’ve read in a long time, providing an inside look into the enigma that is North Korea.

News: Make Any Story Sci-Fi Project Announced

Already written a story but want to take it to a science-fiction setting? Our new Make Any Story Sci-Fi Project will demonstrate exactly how to integrate URS storyworld elements into what you’ve done to do just that.