Archives: Space Flight

Human space flight has taken us from circling the Earth all the way to the moon. One day, hopefully we’ll reach Mars and beyond, taking human beings further than any species we know of has ever gone before.

Blog: Amazing and Bizarre Photos of the Baikonur Space Complex

A collection of photos from the Baikonur Star City space complex that show Russia’s still active human space flight program set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Blog: Lunar Satellite Pinpoints Apollo 17 Photo Sites

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has pinpointed the exact sites where Apollo 17 panoramic photos were taken by mapping the Moon. This will no doubt have interesting implications for science.

Blog: Cutting Edge Space Propulsion

The VASMIR engine uses magnets to super heat gas into a plasma that can drive a ship to Mars in just over a month. Take a look at how it works and ponder the possibilities.

Blog: Property Rights In Space

James Cameron and a few other underachievers have announced plans to mine asteroids in space. But the state of property law in space is… up in the air. How would you encourage space entrepreneurship?

Blog: Why NASA’s Victory Lap Should Be A Tour of Shame

NASA’s trotting around the retired shuttles like it’s something to be proud of. But with nothing to replace them, should we really be celebrating?