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Space, the final frontier. If humans are going to become a multi-planet species for the sake of our long term survival, we need to understand space, how to travel through it, and settle on other worlds. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Blog: Traveling To Mars, Radiation, and the Storyworld

A pair of stories written recently detail the problems of traveling to Mars. Radiation came up in each and it’s something we’ve tried to deal with in the URS storyworld.

Blog: Astronomical Unit Quietly Corrected

Well… We have a new number for the Astronomical Unit, the distance between Earth and the Sun. But in the long run, how will this effect anything?

Blog: A Lunar Supercomputer?

A USC graduate student has made a proposal to place a super computer on the moon to handle data processing and communications with our probes around the solar system. But is putting it on the moon really the best option?

Blog: Property Rights In Space

James Cameron and a few other underachievers have announced plans to mine asteroids in space. But the state of property law in space is… up in the air. How would you encourage space entrepreneurship?

Blog: The Amazing Sights From Space

It’s nice to be reminded from time to time that beyond all the storytelling elements about space, space itself is pretty damned impressive.