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Science, such a broad term. There’s a discipline that covers every area of human understanding. Typically the science we’re interested in relates to humans and space but might often involve other areas of human advancement.

Blog: A Rescue Plan for Columbia

In an article published today, Ars outlines a NASA rescue plan that could have saved the Columbia’s crew. And, man, it would’ve made a great movie. Until you let reality set in.

Blog: A Matter of Time – A World Science Festival Discussion

I went to the World Science Festival on Saturday where they discussed not just the concept of space-time but whether time has a direction. It was a fascinating discussion that I try to relate. Includes video!

Blog: Traveling To Mars, Radiation, and the Storyworld

A pair of stories written recently detail the problems of traveling to Mars. Radiation came up in each and it’s something we’ve tried to deal with in the URS storyworld.

Blog: Curiosity Memory Issue, Possibly Caused By Cosmic Rays

The computer of the Curiosity rover encountered a memory corruption problem possibly caused by cosmic rays. It got us thinking about computers within the URS storyworld and the effects therein.

Blog: Astronomical Unit Quietly Corrected

Well… We have a new number for the Astronomical Unit, the distance between Earth and the Sun. But in the long run, how will this effect anything?