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Ah… Russia. The former Soviet Union used to keep America on its toes with its rival space program. These days, even with the current state of NASA, it’s a little sad to see how far Russia has fallen. Even still, they have had many achievements in space that deserve to be remembered.

Blog: More On Russia’s Buran Space Shuttle

Interesting news about Russia’s doomed space shuttle program including what happened to it after the program was folded.

Blog: Amazing and Bizarre Photos of the Baikonur Space Complex

A collection of photos from the Baikonur Star City space complex that show Russia’s still active human space flight program set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Blog: Lunar Satellite Pinpoints Apollo 17 Photo Sites

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has pinpointed the exact sites where Apollo 17 panoramic photos were taken by mapping the Moon. This will no doubt have interesting implications for science.

Blog: Tough Motherf*ckers

Boris Volynov, intrepid Russian cosmonaut, survived a re-entry like none other in 1969. A salute to people who allow others to shoot them into space with vague promises about the can they’re riding in.

Blog: Phobos-Grunt Burnt Up, Russia Must Hate Mars

Russia’s Phobos-Grunt Mars probe de-orbited into the South Pacific on Sunday, bringing Russia’s score card against Mars to 4 and 15. One wonders how much longer the former super power is going to have patience for the red planet after this.