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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the government agency that’s made human spaceflight a reality and launched every successful mission that’s landed on Mars among much else. It has much to take credit and blame for.

Blog: NASA’s Proposed Z-2 Spacesuit

NASA is redesigning the spacesuit for walks on extraterrestrial bodies, with an eye specifically directed at Mars and the Moon. We have the photos and are not impressed.

Blog: A Rescue Plan for Columbia

In an article published today, Ars outlines a NASA rescue plan that could have saved the Columbia’s crew. And, man, it would’ve made a great movie. Until you let reality set in.

Blog: More On Russia’s Buran Space Shuttle

Interesting news about Russia’s doomed space shuttle program including what happened to it after the program was folded.

Blog: Langrange Point Outpost?

According to a NASA proposal to the White House, a waystation could be built at the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 2 to serve Moon and Mars exploration programs. But while it’s an awesome idea, what are the chances it’s actually going to get off the ground.

Blog: New Bill To Reform NASA Funding

A couple of United States Representatives are proposing a way to ensure NASA projects have continued funding through their lifetimes. Good? Bad? We say good.