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Sometimes the only way to verify something is to actually get out there and see it for ourselves. This can be through the use of human space flight or robotic probes we shoot out to take a look for us. It’s a big universe out there and we’ve only seen a small part of it.

Blog: Traveling To Mars, Radiation, and the Storyworld

A pair of stories written recently detail the problems of traveling to Mars. Radiation came up in each and it’s something we’ve tried to deal with in the URS storyworld.

Blog: Curiosity Memory Issue, Possibly Caused By Cosmic Rays

The computer of the Curiosity rover encountered a memory corruption problem possibly caused by cosmic rays. It got us thinking about computers within the URS storyworld and the effects therein.

Blog: Lunar Satellite Pinpoints Apollo 17 Photo Sites

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has pinpointed the exact sites where Apollo 17 panoramic photos were taken by mapping the Moon. This will no doubt have interesting implications for science.

Blog: Tardigrades. Nature’s Astronauts?

Technologist and Storyteller Mark Harris takes a look at a kind of microscopic life form that might just be cut out to be the real interplanetary explorers. Certainly a better natural fit for the job than humans are.

Blog: The Future of the Space Suit

Is the future of the space suit going to look more like science-fiction or deep sea diving? A lot of very smart people are working on the problem of moving in space while still providing the protection we’ll need.