Archives: Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis are the amazing Northern Lights you can see at the top of the northern hemisphere. They’re created by solar radiation hitting Earth’s magnetic fields. These are their stories. Boom, boom!

Blog: The Amazing Sights From Space

It’s nice to be reminded from time to time that beyond all the storytelling elements about space, space itself is pretty damned impressive.

Blog: Coronal Mass Ejections… They’re Baaack!

On January 22nd, the sun exploded. Or close enough, anyway. A massive solar flare reached Earth two days later leaving us with a lot of pretty lights in the sky while bombarding cosmic radiation that would kill us all. Lots of pictures! Enjoy!

Blog: Coronal Mass Ejections, Not Just Pretty to Look At

Coronal Mass Ejections are massive disturbances on the Sun’s surface, ejecting plasma out into the solar system. Sure, they look pretty but what are the dangers of being on the receiving end of a CME?

Blog: The Aurora Borealis, Magnetic Fields In Action

Aweome photos of the aurora borealis have been making their rounds lately on the internet. But the magnetic field around Earth is good for more than just putting on an awesome light show.