Republican Fleet Headquarters



The Republican Fleet Headquarters until 2345 was based on an orbiting skyplex above the world of Galileo and served as the nominal headquarters of the Republican Fleet. While effectively the headquarters was really at the Republican Airbase it suited political needs to have it situated not on a world but above one where the politicians believed any coup could be effectively isolated and cut off from supplies. In 2345, with the opening of the Boldyrev Republican Federal District, the headquarters was officially moved to New Normandy though main operations remained on Galileo.

Original Headquarters

With a heavy distrust of the military because of the military take-over of Earth, it was decided that while the Republican Fleet would have planetary bases from which to operate and protect the Republican worlds, its headquarters would be removed from any given world and would instead be placed on the Galileo Skyplex above Galileo. The reasoning behind this was dubious from the start. After all, separation from the political leaders could have had the opposite effect and isolated the Fleet totally from the civilian leadership, thus leading to less respect for the laws of the Republic.

It was up to founding Admirals of the Fleet Hugh Sims and Alexander MacGregor to set the tone and they chose to encourage an attitude of complete respect for civilian authority. This attitude proved so pervasive that members of the Fleet obeyed an informal rule that no one above the rank of captain would run for office.

The larger issue for the Fleet though was not the isolation from the politics of the Republic but rather the isolation from other elements of the Fleet. By making the headquarters the skyplex, what did that mean? Would all administration have to remain on the skyplex? The admiralty? If it was the latter, the skyplex would have to be greatly expanded and the supply lines from the planet would be greatly stressed to provide support for those working and perhaps living in space.

In the end, Congress relented and most of the Fleet administration was placed on the Republican Airbase outside of College Park. The official offices of the admiralty were to be on the Galileo Skyplex but, in practice, they directed most of their operations from the ground.

Following the destruction of the skyplex in the Second Republican Defensive and again after the Invasion of 2338, it merely reinforced the feeling of the admiralty that the real headquarters was the Republican Airbase. Not only was it generally more defensible because of its locked down perimeter but easily escapable in the event of an attack.

Boldyrev RFD

Following the Invasion of 2338, the Federal government decided to relocate the capitol to the planet of New Normandy onto a grant of land it named the Boldyrev Republican Federal District. All of the central government offices in Galileo City were moved there beginning in 2345 and over the next ten years. Among the offices to be moved were those of the Republican Fleet.

Officially, all of the Admirals of the Fleet were to follow as well but in practice they merely maintained offices for when they visited and were called on to report to Congress. The Admiral of the Second Fleet spent the majority of the time still on Galileo at the Republican Airbase since the new and existing NOVA ships remained birthed at the rebuilt Galileo Skyplex. The move of the [[First Fleet]'s central operations to New Normandy had little effect on the day-to-day running of the division since it was primarily tasked with patrolling within the Republican Star Cluster.

Both the Admirals of the Third and Fourth Fleets divided their time between Galileo where they administered their division's support of the Second and New Normandy where they oversaw operations across the rest of the star cluster.

The only other admiral to spend the majority of their time in Boldyrev RFD was the Admiral of the Fifth Fleet since intelligence information could be transmitted from anywhere.

The administrative section of the Republican Airbase was essentially vacated and later converted into additional base housing for the large number of sailors the base supported.