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Thoughts About Brendan Eich

Mozilla Foundation

Bendan Eich has stepped down as CEO of Mozilla because he made some donations to the Prop. 8 campaign. It seems wrong now but things were different in 2008. And I think he’s been railroaded because of it.

Veronica Mars / Serenity Faceoff

Two cancelled shows. Two movie revivals. Who did is right and who is going to that special hell, reserved for creators who ruin their storyworlds and people who talk in the theater.

A Rescue Plan for Columbia

Columbia RDV Manuever

In an article published today, Ars outlines a NASA rescue plan that could have saved the Columbia’s crew. And, man, it would’ve made a great movie. Until you let reality set in.

Why Rudolph The Reindeer Is An Ass

He may look sweet but what he's really looking for is a handout.

He may seem cuddly and his story may tug at the heart strings but underneath it, there’s a darker message, believe me.

More On Russia’s Buran Space Shuttle

Buran on the Launch Pad

Interesting news about Russia’s doomed space shuttle program including what happened to it after the program was folded.