Blog: My New Obsession: Kerbal Space Program

Don’t download this game unless you have some serious amount of time to dedicate to it. Because once you start… you may not be able to stop.

By Colin Andrew Ferm January 9, 2015 Tags: , , , ,
Blog: Lock In

Colin review’s John Scalzi’s book Lock In, as the second part of his winter holiday reading marathon. It’s a complex book that deals with a lot of interesting themes but is also a fast paced mystery.

By Colin Andrew Ferm January 8, 2015 Tags: , , ,
News: And… We’re Back!

The holidays are over and some good things are planned for the story world this year.

By Colin Andrew Ferm January 6, 2015 Tags: ,
Blog: The Martian

An astronaut finds himself stuck on Mars, alone. Best case, a rescue mission is a year away. How will he ever survive? Colin reviews The Martian, a fascinating novel that’s equal parts science and survival.

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2.0 – Cultural Differences

We kick off the second season with an explanation of some of the most jarring cultural differences between the world we know and live in and the colonial worlds of tomorrow.

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