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Blog: Why Rudolph The Reindeer Is An Ass

He may seem cuddly and his story may tug at the heart strings but underneath it, there’s a darker message, believe me.

Blog: More On Russia’s Buran Space Shuttle

Interesting news about Russia’s doomed space shuttle program including what happened to it after the program was folded.

Blog: Why NSA Surveillance Matters

In the news last week was how the NSA apparently has been getting a data dump from Verizon about every call made on its network for the last three months. More disturbing were politicians coming out and telling people, like Harry Reid did, to “calm down” since this was “nothing new” and a “continuation of

Blog: The Orphan Master’s Son

I’ll give it away right now. The Orphan Master’s Son deserves the Pulitzer it earned because it’s one of the most entertaining, funny, dark, and depressing books I’ve read in a long time, providing an inside look into the enigma that is North Korea.

Blog: A Matter of Time – A World Science Festival Discussion

I went to the World Science Festival on Saturday where they discussed not just the concept of space-time but whether time has a direction. It was a fascinating discussion that I try to relate. Includes video!