2.7 – Economics & Transportation

How would you get around the Colonial Star Cluster? Not just from world to world but from city to city? Or from building to building? That’s what we discuss this week.

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2.6 – Rivalries – Tranquility vs. Meditation

Not all experiments in a better way for people to live succeeded. Some failed. Some succeeded. But almost all of the latter found that they had to change the very idea upon which they were founded in order to succeed. But Tranquility and Meditation never had the chance to do this before they exploded in a spectacular fashion like so few other places did.

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2.5 – Cities, Towns & Communities

In just one episode, we visit five different planets, places that have gone with little detail up until now, and explore who settled them and what makes them unique.

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2.4 – Rivalries – Dutch vs. Bradley Warner

An episode about an extraordinary pair of brothers who go on to write the book that the Republican Fleet will follow for the next hundred years: Dutch versus Bradley Warner.

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News: And… The Podcast Is Back!

The podcast took a long and unexpected hiatus. But it’s back now and here’s what we have scheduled.

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