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Hanging The Battle Flag

I could only wonder what the big guys behind the counter thought upon seeing a kid approach with long hair, a distinct odor of alcohol, and about a hundred feet of rope.

News: Make Any Story Sci-Fi Project Announced

Already written a story but want to take it to a science-fiction setting? Our new Make Any Story Sci-Fi Project will demonstrate exactly how to integrate URS storyworld elements into what you’ve done to do just that.

Blog: Ugh…

Thanks to what happened at the Boston Marathon today, get ready for a whole lot more “homeland security”.

News: Reference Section Now With 350 Articles!

The reference section now stands at 350 articles, covering a range of topics that help color the URS storyworld. This and other improvements help the site keep growing.

Blog: Guilt

Following the same template as the other books in the Alex Delaware series, Jonathan Kellerman adds a solid new entry to his series. But, after almost thirty years with the same characters, it begs the question of age. As in, how old is Alex Delaware?