News: And… The Podcast Is Back!

The podcast took a long and unexpected hiatus. But it’s back now and here’s what we have scheduled.

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2.3 – Rivalries – Sims vs. MacGregor

Just because two men were brought together to help form an important institution, it doesn’t mean that they liked each other. And with Sims and MacGregor, who privately threatened bodily harm to one another, this was definitely the case. And yet, they succeeded at their task, building the Republican Fleet to protect the young Unified Republic of Stars.

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Break Apology

Where has the Unified Republic of Stars podcast been all this time? This short apology will explain everything. Hopefully.

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News: Podcast On Temporary Hold

Where is the podcast? Well… there have been a few personal issues that have been slowing things down. But it’s not dead, far from it. Read more to find out some of what’s going to come.

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2.2 – The Republican Fleet

This week, we go into detail about exactly what the Republican Fleet is, what made it up, and some of the cultural aspects of serving within the Fleet itself.

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